Vertigo and Its Connection to Vestibular Neuronitis

Some patients who seek vertigo relief in Seneca didn’t know they have vestibular neuronitis. Vestibular neuronitis or neuritis is an inflammation of the vestibular nerve within the inner ear. Vertigo is one of its primary symptoms. Let's take a closer glimpse of this illness. Later on, we will be talking about an area of care [...]

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Vertigo and Sleep: How to Get a Better Night’s Rest with Vertigo

Vertigo is the sense of motion when there is no motion, a symptom that a chiropractor in Seneca, SC help patients for. Many of us have experienced a brief dizzy spell, whether it was from pushing yourself too hard at the gym, riding the tilt-a-whirl at the amusement park, or from dehydration. However, vertigo is [...]

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