Best Seneca Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Dr. R.T. (Doc)

Dr. R.T. (Doc) is board certified in upper cervical specific Orthospinology, which is a very non-invasive, HIGHLY specific technique in upper cervical. As a veteran upper cervical chiropractor, he brings years of experience, expertise and skill to his craft with a huge desire to help bring hope and healing to those in need.

Best Seneca Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy is the Clinic Director of Upper Cervical Health & Restoration and holds the Presidential Chair position for Transition to Success, a component of She currently is spearheading a student curriculum with other doctors across the world to help Upper Cervical students become more successful in their practice upon graduation.

Best Seneca Upper Cervical Chiropractor


Angela Wike serves Upper Cervical Health & Restoration as our Upper Cervical Chiropractic Assistant.

Angie is a native of Oconee County.  She is a SC State Retiree with thirty-five plus years in the secretarial clerical field.  Her passion is helping people, and now is excited to come out of retirement to help our residents with their upper cervical needs.  She looks forward to greeting you with a smiling face.

Best Seneca Upper Cervical Chiropractor


Kristie McGovern is the newest member of our team with ranked certifications in both Laser and PEMF (Pulse) Therapy. She brings with her credentials, a loving passion to help assist in our patients’ healthcare needs.

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