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“I have been coming to Upper Cervical since Dec. 2009.  I was having a lot of health trouble and they have done a remarkable job for me and my kids. I am real thankful for them.  I have seen a remarkable difference in my kids and their behavior. My son says that it made him healthier and thanks Upper Cervical for making his mommy feel better. My daughter said it made her tummy feel better. I would recommend Upper Cervical to anyone that has health trouble.”

-The Webb Family, Walhalla, SC

“I was first introduced to Upper Cervical at the Senior Expo 2009.  I had excruciating (terrible) pain in my neck, head and shoulders. I was diagnosed with being out of alignment.  After several treatments the pain ceased. I am feeling great!”

-L. Payne, Seneca, SC

“As a survivor of spinal meningitis, I was told I would be an invalid.  It was only through Upper Cervical care that I was able to function. NO PAIN, GREAT RESULTS!”

-D. Whithurst,  Seneca, SC

“My great granddaughter first came to Dr. Holliday with Migraine headaches. Her headaches are now gone. After seeing her great results, I came in for hip pain. After three corrections, my hip pain is gone. My hips are fine!”

-M. Campbell, Seneca, SC

“I had heart fibrillations, after a correction it went away and has been gone ever since. I didn’t have to take that heart medicine with terrible side effects.  Also, my burning in chest is now gone!”

-T. Owens, West Union, SC

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