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Do you dread the arrival of winter, not for the snow or the festivities, but because of the relentless stiffness and pain in your neck? Does the mere thought of chilly weather send a shiver down your spine, not of cold, but of discomfort? Does winter worsen your neck pain, affecting your daily activities? Do you ask yourself, “How can I relax my neck pain?” when it feels strained in the winter season? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, you might be surprised to know that many like you experience intensified neck pain and stiffness during the colder months, making the simple act of turning your heads or looking up challenging.

The cold weather affects your joints and fluids, worsening the pain and leaving you searching for relief. Unfortunately, for some during this time of the year, neck stiffness isn’t just an inconvenience but a constant companion infiltrating every aspect of your life. It hampers your ability to enjoy the season, turning simple pleasures like turning your head to watch falling snowflakes into a painful ordeal. The ache radiates, affecting your mood, productivity, and overall well-being. So what should you do? How do you regain control over your life and enjoy the best this season has to offer? Below are five (5) exercises you can explore to ease the pain and discomfort in your neck. Read more about how these work and find out why they’re highly recommended by healthcare professionals, such as your trusted chiropractor for neck pain in Salem.

Stand Up, Sit Down

You can do this for a couple of minutes every hour while working at your desk. Stand up and sit down repeatedly, but do your best not to use your hands for support. This simple movement alleviates pain and stiffness.

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1. Neck Rotations

While sitting or standing upright, swivel your head slowly to the left as far as comfortable. Hold for 10 seconds, then repeat on the right side. This exercise can be done in your car, at your desk, or while waiting in line.

2. Peaceful Resistance

When your neck feels stiff, press your right hand firmly against your head above your ear. Resist the pressure by engaging your neck muscles. Repeat on the left side. This exercise helps in relieving tension.

3. Back Rotations

Sit on a stool or armless chair, then cross one of your legs over the other above the knee. You can try the right side first. Place your left elbow against your outer right knee and twist your body. Repeat three times on each side, twice a day. This movement helps in stretching your back and neck muscles.

4. Take a Walk

Force yourself to get up and take short walks throughout the day. Movement increases blood flow, lubricating your joints and providing relief. Even a few minutes of walking can significantly reduce neck and back pain.

These exercises don’t have to be strenuous; consistency and gentle movements are vital in helping you combat neck pain and stiffness effectively. But if your pain has been happening even before winter, an underlying condition might need to be addressed, such as a misalignment in your upper cervical spine.


Go Beyond Exercising: Call a Chiropractor For Neck Pain in Salem

For many, neck pain and stiffness are not just seasonal woe; they stem from a deeper issue – upper cervical misalignment. Accidents, injuries, and repetitive physical stress in the neck and head can all contribute to misalignment, disrupting your spine’s proper balance and alignment. This misalignment not only intensifies neck pain but also magnifies the impact of cold weather on your joints. Your symptoms will only worsen because misalignments do not heal with rest.

Thankfully, you can address your postural problem with the help of an experienced chiropractor for neck pain in Salem. With gentle chiropractic adjustments applied on the atlas bones, you can ease misaligned spinal bones that prevent you from healing or feeling better, regardless of the year’s season. So, besides scheduling a regular exercise routine, we strongly recommend getting in touch with a chiropractor for neck pain in Salem.

neck exercise, chiropractor for neck pain in Salem, Seneca chiropractor

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