Salem fibromyalgia reliefWe get it; everything feels like a downer now. Are you tired of the recurring pain? No, not the trending romantic cliché. Instead, the kind of pain we beg to leave us alone. Let’s talk about that one pain that hits right to age and lifestyle and involves sleep disturbances, early morning awakening despite late-night rest, body stiffness, headaches, dizziness, and the seemingly unending sense of fatigue and emotional stress. 

We have a term for that. It is called fibromyalgia, a cause of widespread pain and all the other symptoms mentioned, so we crave relief. For patients curious to know, Seneca or Salem fibromyalgia relief is attainable through natural options. (Read on to learn more about this).

Fibromyalgia is often confused with other health conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome based on symptoms alone, and they can mutually exist in our poor body too.

Have you ever wondered why pain is easily detected by your system with or without your contributed effort? Fibromyalgia is a case of abnormal pain perception or simply put, overreaction to pain since it results from an oversupply of cortisol, our built-in alarm system when stress comes our way. 

With this cycle of stress, our body is trying its best to do some grounding work in order to make us sane despite the chaos. With everything that comes in surplus, consequences are a given factor. This ordeal is causing some serious health problems along the way, and that’s how the collection of mentioned symptoms gave birth to fibromyalgia.


Fibromyalgia vs chronic fatigue syndrome: How do they compare?

Remember the epic Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe mishap? We almost constantly make the same mistake when it comes to our health. We treat all symptoms the same, all pain with pain relievers. We got in the habit of masking the actual problems with temporary solutions. 

With the rush of today’s world, sitting down and contemplating what’s going on with our bodies seems an impossible task. Well, if the only thing constant in your life are the symptoms of fibromyalgia, you wouldn’t want to know what’s coming next but, how do you know if it’s the name of what you’re actually having?

Among the category of chronic conditions like Lupus or other sub-conditions, fibromyalgia is nonetheless the ultimate pain villain. With great similarities in symptoms with chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, their causes are quite different. 

CFS is often linked with the existence of infections and the immune response having technical glitches along the way at the cellular level. On the other hand, other psychological conditions like PTSD may give birth to fibromyalgia. As mentioned earlier, fibromyalgia is due to our brain’s overreaction to stress, both emotional and physical injuries. CFS is a mishap in immunity, while fibromyalgia is a mishap in stress hormone surplus.


Where’s the bridge between Fibromyalgia and CFS?

With the occurrence of the overlapping symptoms, both CFS and fibromyalgia exhibit the following similarities based on established studies: 

  • Common in middle-aged population
  • Affect more women than men
  • Mental and emotional stressors
  • Chronic pain
  • Difficulty with memory, focus and concentration
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Constant exhaustion

Different in minute detail but similar in what produces them, the brain. However meticulous and protective, complex brain function is still prone to produce bad fruit hence, the symptoms.

As the brain is the main control room of our body, every single tissue and organ is connected to it through the nervous system. As for the mishaps, the brain suffers pretty badly too, since it is the captain in control. 

Just like our daily exchange of messages, our brain sends and receives signals with the help of its three main parts that do the majority of the jobthe Brain, the Brainstem, and the Spinal Cord. They function for us to be a person of sense, meaning and perception.

Without much traffic and shenanigans, this Golden Trio do the job efficientlybut life isn’t always smooth sailing. Other factors play a part, too, which makes the brain function prone to signal disruption.

The disruption in the communication between the trio results in over and under response. Anything that misaligns the brain, brainstem and spinal cord (including inside and outside factors) triggers mishaps of brain response just like in the two conditions discussed above.


What to do now if you have fibromyalgia

Knowing all this medical jargon won’t magically disappear all your pain. You need a solution; you can’t just let this go on until you reach the breaking point (that is, if you haven’t gone there yet).

You’ve tried many analgesics, right. For sure you did! Who wouldn’t want relief from fibromyalgia? Haven’t found The One yet? The ultimate answer to this painful ordeal quite literally isn’t coming in the form of a Knight in shining armor package but, there’s always the Best Guy in the market.

If you’re seeking Seneca or Salem fibromyalgia relief, some options are available and most of them are natural ways.


Try upper cervical care to get Salem fibromyalgia relief

It is the procedure done to re-align our C1 and C2 bones that compose the topmost part of our spine. From the definition and symptoms of both CFS and fibromyalgia, what triggers them may have originated from the misalignment of C1 and C2.

Misalignment may come in physical injuries, primarily hitting the upper body part, the head, and neck, which triggers an abnormal response from the brain down to the body system. Alteration in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood flow results in the brain responding dysfunctionally.

Dealing with it now may give much-needed relief and prevent complications of fibromyalgia and CFS, such as lower quality of life. Who can live life to the fullest with constant pain? 

With the help of an upper cervical chiropractor, the unique symptoms you’re experiencing may be addressed. The technique to ease the pain will be customized based on diagnostic procedures like 3D technology and bone scans to see possible problems with blood flow in your head and neck area.

Upper cervical chiropractic is a precise approach based on diagnostic techniques, done gently and progressively to ensure the best outcome. It is a proven medical alternative that relieves people suffering from conditions like fibromyalgia which overall helps improve the quality of life. If you’re seeking Seneca or Salem fibromyalgia relief, our practice is within your reach. Consult with our upper cervical chiropractor for a possible solution to your condition.


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